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When we purchase a drug or a medical device, we want to know if it is safe and effective. If we ingest a drug or receive an injection, we want to know we will not suffer serious side effects because if the side effects outweigh the benefits, we may not want to take the risk. We also want to know if the drug will work as advertised. Will it cure the ailment or at least make the suffering tolerable? When we invest in something, we want to ensure we will receive the benefits it promises. 

You may be reading this article because you noticed itchy, red bites on your body, so you have been searching the internet to learn if bed bugs may be causing the bites. We hope you keep reading because we will give you helpful information that answers your questions. In addition, we will provide you with practical tips to keep bed bugs away from your house.  

We understand your desire to find a safe and effective way to eliminate bed bugs from your house. The best way to achieve your bed bug removal goal is to start with your local, family-owned Pasadena pest control company, Accutech Pest Management. We have eliminated bed bugs from homes for over twenty years. You will feel comfortable talking to our excellent customer service team when you call us. 

Please keep reading to learn more about bed bugs and what you can do to deter future infestations once we remove them from your Pasadena home.

Clear Signs Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

bed bug on purple sheets

Red, itchy bites on your body could be from mosquitoes, spiders, fleas, or mites, so how do you know if bed bugs are the cause? Another problem that adds to the mystery is that you don't tend to see bed bugs crawling in the room. You can hear mosquitoes buzzing by your head, see spider webs in the corner, and see fleas on the family pet, but bed bugs remain elusive. So, how do you know if bed bugs in Pasadena are feasting on your body while you sleep? 

To answer your question, here is a list of bed bug signs:

  • Bites
  • Bed bugs
  • Stains
  • Exoskeletons
  • Eggshells and eggs
  • Odor

Our list moves from the most visible to the least visible early signs of bed bugs, so let's explain each one in detail. 

Bed bug bites are red and itchy, but so are the wounds from other insects, but there are a few distinctions. Bed bug bites often appear in a cluster or line because each bug often pierces the skin a few times during the five to ten minutes it feeds. Furthermore, the bites are usually on exposed areas of the body; arms, legs, and chest. Fortunately, bed bugs do not spread disease, but persistent scratching can cause the wound sites to become infected, so be careful. 

Although only 1/4 inch long, adult bed bugs are visible without additional magnification. When fed, the bugs have a reddish-brown color and an elongated body; if they have not eaten for a few days, they will have flat, mahogany bodies. Bed bugs are insects, which means they have six jointed legs, two antennae, and a three-part body consisting of a head, pronotum, and abdomen. Bed bugs have wing pads but do not fly or possess actual wings. Baby bed bugs (nymphs) are almost colorless, and a magnifying glass is usually required if you hope to find them, especially if they are in the early growth stages (instars).

When the bugs feed on a host, they excrete reddish-brown waste. The fecal matter stains sheets and clothing; you may also find blemishes on walls. Feeding on a sleeping host is dangerous, and sometimes the marks are from a bed bug that met its fate when its food supplier rolled over. 

Because bed bugs are insects, their skeleton is on the outside of their bodies. This skeleton, called an exoskeleton, must be shed each time the bug enters a new growth stage. Bed bugs go through five instars, from the nymph stage to adulthood, discarding their exoskeleton at each phase. Investigate for cream-colored remains where you suspect bed bugs are present. A magnifying glass will help you find discarded exoskeletons from all the growth stages. 

Just like a chicken, female bed bugs lay eggs. When a bed bug emerges from its egg, it the eggshell behind. To see the cream-colored eggshells or the white 1/32-inch eggs requires magnification. 

Bed bugs produce a musty odor from a gland on their bodies. The aroma is not noticeable when the infestation is small, but as it grows exponentially, you will notice a musty smell in the room. 

Now that you know bed bug signs, the next question is; where do I investigate? Look for these signs in cracks in rooms where you sleep. Examine crevices between baseboards and walls and the corners. Investigate mattress seams, box springs, and bed linens on the bed. Look behind the headboard, picture frames, wallpaper seams, and electrical outlets. Search seams and cracks of upholstered wood furniture. 

If you see these signs in your Pasadena house, you need the bed bug pest control near you from Accutech Pest Management. We know the signs of a bed bug infestation and what to do when they are present in a house.

How Bed Bug Infestations Spread

Unlike spiders, mosquitoes, American cockroaches, and other pests that enter a home from the outside, bed bugs infiltrate by hitchhiking. Bed bugs use public venues as transportation hubs moving from one host to another. If bed bugs are in your home, they likely hitched a ride when you stayed in a motel, or hotel, enjoyed a movie, attended a public gathering, or traveled on public transportation. Bed bugs hitchhike in luggage, shoes, bags, and clothing. Another way bed bugs enter homes is through used furniture. 

Even though you may not have recently purchased used furniture or been in public venues, remember that bed bugs can live for several months without a blood meal. In other words, you may have had bed bugs confined to a suitcase for months, but when you recently opened it to retrieve some stored clothing, the bugs escaped, and the infestation began.

If you have a male and a female bed bug that find a host in an area above 70°F, you will quickly have trouble. Bed bugs produce eggs in batches of ten to 50. Under ideal conditions, the eggs will hatch in six to 17 days, and the emerging nymphs will immediately begin feeding on a nearby host. By the end of about three weeks, the offspring have progressed through all five growth stages and are reproducing adults. Under optimal conditions, bed bugs produce three generations annually.

To stop an infestation, you need the best bed bug pest control near you, Accutech Pest Management. We will treat your home and prevent bed bugs from overtaking your house. 

Five Simple Ways To Keep The Bed Bugs Away

Once we get rid of bed bugs from your Pasadena home, you will want to ensure they don't return. These five tips will help deter bed bugs from infesting your house in the future:

  1. Investigate luggage and clothing upon returning from a trip
  2. Examine used furniture before bringing it into the home
  3. Vacuum the house regularly and suction the corners and cracks
  4. Remove clutter from sleeping areas
  5. Wash bed linens dry on high heat for 30 minutes.

Investigate clothing, luggage, and used furniture before entering your home after staying in a hotel or motel or traveling using public transportation. When house cleaning, empty contents from the sweeper into a sealable bag and dispose of the contents in an outdoor, closed garbage container. 

Our highly-trained technicians can provide additional tips when they arrive to begin the bed bug extermination process.

Bed Bug Control Made Easy For Pasadena Homeowners

Professional pest control technicians agree that bed bugs are one of the most troublesome pests to eradicate from houses. When you schedule an inspection from Accutech Pest Management, we will send a trained technician to investigate the situation. 

One of our friendly technicians will do a thorough walk-through of your house and note bed bug hot spots, signs, and hiding locations. Using data from our examination and the information you provide, we create a treatment plan customized to your home and situation. We will give you information regarding the treatment plan we recommend and how to prepare your house for safe and effective bed bug removal. We return 30 days after the treatment to ensure the bed bugs are gone.

Contact Accutech Pest Management for bed bugs control services in Pasadena, and get a free quote. We will solve your bed bug problem. Get Started Now!

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