What To Do About A Beehive On Your Pasadena Home

bee in a white flower

Most property owners believe they can perform tasks related to bee control on their own. They think all they must do is cover a hive with bug spray or knock it down with a broom, but this is a gross underestimation of the process and the potential hazards. A bee swarm near your house can’t be easily eradicated. If things aren’t addressed properly, you or someone else can be stung, and the medical outcomes vary. You can’t go without professional pest control in Pasadena when it comes to bees and their hives.

One reason specialty bee care is needed is that store-bought insecticides have a number of weaknesses. Some can even exacerbate issues and aggravate the bugs. Find out which path is the best to take, and what Accutech Pest Management can do to intervene. We have exceptional honey, bumble, and carpenter bee removal solutions. 

About The Role Bees Play In Our Ecosystem

As much trouble as bees cause for humans, our planet relies on them. When bees take nectar and distribute pollen, it helps fertilize crops and greenery. These are key sources of food for people, insects, animals, and other organisms. Furthermore, they generate useful raw materials and byproducts like wax, honey, and propolis, and some of what they develop can be utilized for medicinal purposes. Their activities can reduce soil erosion as well. Of course, bees also contribute to the earth’s food chain by being consumed. 

Honey bees, bumble bees, and carpenter bees in Pasadena are very common. Honey bees are ½ to ? of an inch long. Their yellow skin has brown stripes on it. Living up to their name, making honey is one of their primary objectives. They craft nests with their own gland wax. Bumble bees are about one inch long. Yellow bands adorn their black bodies. They gather near the ground by organic debris, animal burrows, and foundation voids. Carpenter bees are ¼ to an inch long, and are yellow and black. This species forms holes in weathered or unfinished wood.     

Why You Don't Want Bees Hanging Around Your Yard

The main concern with bees is that they can sting you with their stingers. Children, senior citizens, and those with pest venom allergies are more likely to have an intense bodily response. Typical symptoms include localized pain, swelling, and itching. Nausea, fainting, and death may occur with a severe allergic reaction. Keep in mind that some species can strike you multiple times in a short period. 

The Effective Bee Removal Solution For Your Yard

You must get rid of carpenter bees professionally, as well as other species of bees. Most insecticides and store products are not equipped for major problems. What's more, they can provoke bees, too. Don’t risk being stung or using pesticides unsafely. Reach out to us at Accutech Pest Management to handle these stinging insects. We have state-of-the-art treatments and tools that are safe, so there's no need to worry about your vegetation, pets, or personal well-being. Call today for a free estimate! 

Eco-Friendly Prevention Tips To Keep Bees From Returning To Your Yard

Your yard will be less attractive to bee swarms if you follow these tips: 

  • Cut the grass and trim greenery on a regular basis. Remove organic debris. 
  • Place plant pots and install gardens several feet away from the property. 
  • Be sure to frequently clear your vents and gutters. 
  • Maintain neat roof eaves, porches, and lawn furniture. 
  • Varnish or paint weathered or unfinished wood.  
  • Patch up gaps and cracks in foundations, doors, and windows. 
  • Put food and trash in secure containers.

Even after receiving bee service from us at Accutech Pest Management, you’ll need to stick to these protocols. You have to do all you can to avoid another surge of these insects. Contact us for further guidance! 

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