An Effective Guide To German Roach Control In Pasadena

cockroaches on bread

Welcome to your guide to cockroach control in Pasadena. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that cockroaches live in our community, and they’re not going to leave anytime soon, especially if they keep finding hospitality in our homes. 

German cockroaches, in particular, can be nasty visitors, which is something we’ll be talking about in more detail later on. But for the moment, all you need to know is that German cockroaches are bad news for your home in a number of ways, and you can deal with even the worst infestation by making the right moves at the right times. 

We invite you to join us for a brief but beneficial look at how German cockroaches, and many other species as well, can be removed from the home and prevented from ever coming back with Accutech Pest Management. 

German Cockroaches Vs. Other Roaches: How To Tell The Difference

So, how do German cockroaches differ from other types of cockroaches? Being aware of these differences can make identification much easier, which, in turn, streamlines the pest control process. 

Compared to American cockroaches, one of the other most common species in the United States, German cockroaches are actually a lot smaller. American cockroaches can grow up to 2 inches long, but German cockroaches will generally be at most 1/2 an inch. 

Importantly, German cockroaches also look different, with dark lines that run the length of their bodies. American cockroaches, in contrast, have a color gradient along their backs and no distinct lines. 

Of course, telling German cockroaches apart is only the first step. Let’s talk about why German cockroaches are such a problem. 

Why German Cockroaches Are Worse Than Other Roaches

Why are German cockroaches considered worse in the home than other roaches? 

For one, at least for the average person, German cockroach treatment can be challenging to manage; this is because German cockroaches, as a species, have spent decades building up resistance to more traditional pest treatment solutions. These roaches may shrug off the treatment product you bought at the store. 

But it goes further than that. German cockroaches are especially nasty because of their penchant for spreading diseases that are dangerous to humans and even cause allergic reactions. 

To sum up, German cockroaches have gotten good at dodging DIY pest control and tend to cause worse problems while in the home. These are excellent reasons to deal with an infestation as quickly as possible.   

Eradicate A German Cockroach Infestation: Call In The Experts!

Professional roach control is the best way to completely eradicate an infestation of German cockroaches, no matter how bad the infestation may be. 

Professional control is more effective than DIY control attempts, and it’s also much safer. Pest control providers know how to safely deploy modern cockroach control solutions without putting your family or pets at risk in the process. 

Pest control providers also have the incredible advantage of years of experience with various infestations and situations. In short, they can find the best strategy for your home and put it into practice. 

Preventing German Cockroaches In The House: Proactive Measures

Lastly, let’s get into how to prevent cockroaches. The following steps are designed to stop cockroaches from entering your home in the first place, and they also address the key factors that attract roaches: 

  • Mitigate humidity in the home using A/C, a dehumidifier, or repairing leaking pipes.  

  • Always store food in airtight containers rather than their original packaging. 

  • Close small gaps around windows and doors using caulking. 

  • Clean your floors and counters regularly. 

  • Reduce clutter, especially cardboard boxes. 

Are you looking for local cockroach control that really works? Contact us today at Accutech Pest Management to get started.