Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite: The Effective Control Solution For Your Pasadena Home

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Few things in life are as satisfying as a good night's sleep because you wake up feeling refreshed, energetic, and ready to tackle the day. When you experience a restful night of deep sleep, you wonder how that happened and if you can repeat it the next night. On the opposite end, no one enjoys a restless night full of tossing and turning in bed while noticing that the time on the clock barely seems to move. 

According to researchers, caffeine intake before bedtime in the form of coffee or chocolate or the blue light from our computer screens can hinder a good night's sleep. While these observations may be correct, one pest that can keep you from enjoying a restful night is bed bugs. This fact is so well-known that it became part of an infamous nursery rhyme: "Good night, sleep tight, and don't the bed bugs bite."

You don't have to worry about bed bugs keeping you awake at night if you use effective pest control services in Pasadena from Accutech Pest Management. Our family-owned, local company has removed bed bugs from homes for over twenty years. 

Accutech Pest Management is a locally-owned family business serving residential and commercial customers in Pasadena, Maryland, and the surrounding areas since 2000. We provide competitive pricing, free estimates, and a customer satisfaction guarantee with our contracted services. Because we are a family-owned business, we treat our customers like family by delivering excellent customer service, answering our phones 24/7, and providing a satisfaction guarantee on our contracted services. 

You probably found this article because you suspect bed bugs are causing the itchy, red bumps on your body; however, the spots could be from an allergic reaction or another biting pest. Therefore, in this article, we will help you determine if bed bugs are the problem.

Examining Your Home: Where To Look For Bed Bugs

bed bug and larvae

Before discussing where to search for bed bugs in Pasadena, we need to know what bed bugs look like. Bed bugs are insects with six legs, two antennae, and a three-part body consisting of a head, thorax, and abdomen. They have a 1/4-inch flat, broad oval mahogany body when unfed, but after they consume a blood meal, their bodies become swollen, elongated, and reddish-brown. Like all insects, bed bugs have an external skeleton (exoskeleton) that has a crinkled appearance.

Since we know what bed bugs look like, let's identify where to search. Bed bugs are tiny creatures that can fit in cracks and crevices, so look for them in these places:

  • Mattress seams
  • Box springs
  • Behind headboards and picture frames
  • Inside electrical outlets
  • Drawer joints in nightstands
  • Crevices in upholstered furniture
  • Gaps between baseboards, walls, and flooring
  • Curtain folds
  • Junctions between walls and the ceiling
  • Beneath loose wallpaper

You may not always find bed bugs in these areas, but if they are present, you may find other signs of bed bugs.

One indication of the presence of these insects is discarded exoskeletons. Like all insects, bed bugs progress through various growth stages (instars) that require them to shed their shells (molting) to allow their bodies to expand. Discarded shells from the initial stages are impossible to detect with magnification, but cream-colored exoskeletons from the final phases are detectable if you carefully search the area.

Using a magnifying glass will enable you to find discarded exoskeletons from the first few growth stages; additional magnification will also help you to discover eggs and eggshells. Female beg bugs lay white, pinhead-sized eggs in cracks and crevices. Under ideal conditions (>70℉), 60% of the egg will hatch in six days, and 30% more will hatch within nine days. When the nearly translucent nymphs emerge, they leave the eggshells behind, which is another of the bed bug signs. Like the eggs, eggshells, and discarded molt skins that require magnification, it is nearly impossible to see the nymphs with the naked eye due to their almost translucent yellowish-white color.

If the challenge of getting on your hands and knees with a magnifying glass to investigate the cracks and crevice of your room and furniture seem daunting, don't worry because our trained technicians at Accutech Pest Management will do the work for you when you partner with us for bed bug control in Pasadena. Our experienced technicians know all the bed bug signs and where to investigate.

Unwanted Guests: Common Causes Of Bed Bug Infestations

Most pest infestations begin with insects, arachnids, rodents, or wildlife entering a house searching for food, water, or shelter, usually because of adverse weather conditions. However, bed bugs do not come inside the house from the lawn but use people as their transportation hub. Bed bugs are hitchhikers; they use public venues and used furniture as transfer stations.

When you use public transportation via bus, cab, subway, or train, you ride with many people or sit where others have sat. If a previous or nearby passenger is coming from a location with bed bugs, there is a possibility the bugs are traveling with them in their bags, on their clothes, or in the folds of their luggage. As you ride next to them, the bed bugs may sense carbon dioxide from your breath, body heat, or another cue and move from your travel neighbor to you. When they subtly crawl onto your body, the bed bugs will take refuge in your clothing folds, bags, shoes, etc.

The most notorious places for bed bug transfers are hotel and motel rooms. Travelers bring the pests into a room; the bed bugs then hide in cracks and crevices and wait for a new host to stay in the room. If you are the next guest, the bugs will crawl into your luggage and travel to your home with you.

Although you may think you'd notice multiple bed bugs on your body or clothing, remember that it takes only one fertilized female bed bug to begin a bed bug infestation in your Pasadena house. When you arrive home, the bug will crawl into a nearby crevice and wait for you to sleep. Sometime between midnight and 5 am, the bug will emerge, climb onto your body, find unprotected skin, and begin its feeding process. After five to ten minutes, the bed bug detaches and returns to its hiding spot.

Nutrition from blood enables a fertilized female to produce eggs each day for the next ten days after the feeding. She will deliver five to 20 eggs from the protein, amino acids, and other components from that one blood meal. The ratio of offspring is 1:1 male to female, and most will hatch within nine days. If the room temperature is >70℉, the offspring will mature into reproducing adults in 37 days. Thus, the bed bug population doubles about every 16 days. If you do the math, you see that if one fertilized female bed bug enters your home, you can quickly develop a full-scale infestation.

If you are searching for bed bug control near you, look no further than Accutech Pest Management. We stop infestations.

Don't Let Bed Bugs Take Over Your Home: Call Us Right Away!

One female bed bug can lay over 500 eggs in its lifetime. It is easy to see how quickly and overwhelming a bed bug infestation can become when considering the 1:1 male-to-female ratio and that most eggs (>90%) hatch and develop into reproducing adults.

When you call Accutech Pest Management and explain your situation, we will dispatch a trained and experienced technician to inspect your Pasadena home for bed bug signs. When we complete our survey, we will discuss your options for bed bug removal. In some cases, we need to treat a confined area, but in others, we must treat the entire house to eradicate bed bugs. We will return for a follow-up after the initial treatments to ensure the bed bugs are gone. Our contracted services come with a satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest assured we will take care of the bed bugs in your house.

Once an Accutech Pest Management technician removes bed bugs from your Pasadena home, you don't want to risk a future problem. The following recommendations will protect you from another encounter with bed bugs in your home:

  • Place luggage on racks when staying in a hotel.
  • Store worn clothing in plastic bags when traveling.
  • Move all travel clothing into the washer and dryer upon return.
  • Inspect bags, clothing, luggage, and shoes upon returning from a public venue.
  • Do not purchase used furniture from a previously infested location. 
  • Investigate all used items before bringing them into the home.
  • Wash and dry bedding materials at high temperatures.
  • Vacuum the house regularly.
  • Suction out corners, cracks, and crevices. 
  • Cover the mattress and box springs with bed bug-proof coverings.

When an Accutech Pest Management technician visits your home for a bed bug inspection, we can provide additional suggestions based on your situation. Contact us today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Pasadena and get started on removing bed bugs from your house so you can enjoy a restful night of sleep.

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