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What are crickets?

Crickets are insects distantly related to grasshoppers and belonging to the scientific order Orthoptera. Crickets have a large, distinctive pair of black legs, are typically grey to greenish-brown in color, and most species of cricket chirp, creating the loud cricket sounds that many individuals easily recognize. It’s important to note that only male crickets produce these sounds as a mating call and that large infestations of crickets can be incredibly loud.

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Are crickets dangerous?

Though crickets aren’t known to bite humans or be particularly aggressive, they are frightening to encounter and do spread some types of illnesses. Most notably, cricket infestations increase your chances of salmonella, and cricket droppings around your property can contaminate food, destroy items, or cause allergic reactions and flu-like symptoms. Large infestations of crickets can lead to severe property destruction as these pests chew through fabrics, stored items, and furniture.

Why do I have a cricket problem?

Cricket problems stem from your property having many factors that attract these insects on easy display. Crickets love moisture and will infiltrate homes or businesses looking for humid or damp areas to live in. Crickets also love ample access to their favorite foods, such as silk, cotton, pet food, and leather. Reducing pest access to these items can help you prevent crickets from invading.

Where will I find crickets?

Outdoors, crickets hide in spaces under piles of leaves or debris, around long grass and overgrown foliage, or under porches, decks, or outbuildings. Inside, you are likely to find crickets in basements, crawl spaces, garages, kitchens, bathrooms, or storage areas; anywhere that is humid, cluttered, and near food is a prime cricket hiding spot.

How do I get rid of crickets?

Get rid of crickets from your property by skipping the DIY removal tactics and contacting Accutech Pest Management for professional home pest control at the first signs of these pests. Our technicians will help identify your main cricket problem areas and provide reliable solutions to remove these pests as quickly as possible. Trust in Accutech Pest Management if you want to reclaim your property from the noise and stress that crickets bring.

How can I prevent beetles in the future?

Prevent crickets from invading your property in the future by using the following expert tips:

  • Address moisture issues in both the exterior and interior areas of your property, as pools of excess water and humid, damp conditions are major attractants to crickets and many other types of pests.
  • Seal up potential cricket entry points around your property by repairing cracks around windows, doors, and the foundation of your property.
  • Repair broken window and door screens, invest in weatherstripping, and place mesh screens over vented crawl space areas to keep crickets outside.
  • Cut down long grass and overgrown foliage and keep outdoor areas clear of debris so crickets can’t hide there.
  • Reduce access to outdoor trash cans and pet food to prevent crickets from scavenging and being drawn to your property.

If you need more help preventing crickets from entering your property, or if you need assistance defeating an active infestation of crickets, reach out to Accutech Pest Management right away for the pest control solutions in Pasadena you deserve.

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"I had a fantastic experience with Accutech!  As a real estate agent it is not always easy to find great vendor partners so when you do they must be recognized and praised!  Everyone on the team is a delight to work with especially the people in the office who do the billing and document shipping.  I would highly encourage my real estate peers to use Accutech for their residential termite needs."

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"I live in a row house and both my neighbors have rat problems. Thankfully they are not in the house. Accutech responded very quickly to my request to come out and check my house for entrance points and put out baits to give me piece of mind. They are great to work with and always go that extra mile."

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