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Frequently Asked Questions About White-Footed Mice

What are white-footed mice?

White-footed mice, or deer mice, as they are commonly called, are the most abundant and widely distributed mammal in North America. These small mice are quite agile and excel at running and jumping. They have reddish-brown fur on their back and sides, and their underside, legs, and feet are white. The tail is also bicolored; it is dark on the top and white on the bottom. Another way to identify these mice is by the tufts of fur covering their prominent ears. We offer effective pest control services in Pasadena, Maryland, to help you control white-footed mice and other species of mice.

a white footed mouse outside a home

Are white-footed mice dangerous?

Keeping white-footed mice away from our properties and out of our homes is important because they pose health risks and can damage property.

White-footed mice are well known for spreading hantavirus. Hantavirus is spread through direct contact with infected mice or their excrement, urine, or saliva. It is an illness that can cause serious health concerns in people. In addition to hantavirus, they spread many other disease-causing pathogens and parasites.

If these mice get into your home or garage using their sharp front incisors, they can cause damage to things like wires, insulation, drywall, clothing, and furniture. They will contaminate food and surfaces inside homes with bacteria and other unsavory pathogens.

At any notice of a rodent infestation on your property, immediately take action to limit the problems they can cause.

Why do I have a white-footed mouse problem?

White-footed mice are of most concern in rural and suburban areas; they are typically not found in urban areas. These mice find their way into yards near their preferred habitats while searching for their basic needs. Our outdoor spaces often supply these mice with plenty of safe nesting sites that are close to multiple food sources. Some of their favorite foraging sites include bird feeders, open trash cans, pet food, outdoor eating areas, and gardens.

Though mice prefer to live outside, if they are in our yards, they won’t hesitate to move into outbuildings or our homes to escape predators or harsh weather conditions.

Where will I find white-footed mice?

White-footed mice are most problematic on residential properties located next to or near:

  • Wooded areas
  • Grasslands
  • Farmlands
  • Parks 

Outside, these mice like to build their nests in areas of tall grass, fallen trees, tree stumps, and abandoned nests. Mice that enter our house and other structures nest in chimneys, roof eaves, attics, and wall voids.

How do I get rid of white-footed mice?

Get rid of problems with white-footed mice with the help of Accutech Pest Management. Since 2000, we have protected people and property from unwanted pests like white-footed mice. We understand the different types of rodents that live in our region and how problematic they are for Maryland homeowners.

Our professionals will work quickly to provide the inspection, elimination, and exclusion services to rid your property of white-footed mice. Through our home pest control services, we offer year-round services to prevent them and common household pests from taking hold of your home in the future.

How can I prevent white-footed mice in the future?

Use this list of prevention tips to help avoid future issues with white-footed mice:

  • Keep the grass on your property mowed short.
  • Get rid of debris from your yard they can use as harborage sites.
  • Remove bird feeders from near your home.
  • Don’t leave uneaten pet food out for long periods.
  • Keep the doors of outbuildings like sheds and garages closed whenever possible. 
  • Place locking lids on trashcans, regularly harvest gardens, and keep outdoor eating areas free of leftover food.
  • Seal cracks in your home's foundation, ensure chimneys have tight-fitting caps, and repair roof damage. 

For more information about rodent control in Pasadena or to schedule a free inspection, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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"I had a fantastic experience with Accutech!  As a real estate agent it is not always easy to find great vendor partners so when you do they must be recognized and praised!  Everyone on the team is a delight to work with especially the people in the office who do the billing and document shipping.  I would highly encourage my real estate peers to use Accutech for their residential termite needs."

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"I live in a row house and both my neighbors have rat problems. Thankfully they are not in the house. Accutech responded very quickly to my request to come out and check my house for entrance points and put out baits to give me piece of mind. They are great to work with and always go that extra mile."

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