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Wildlife here in Pasadena may be cute to look at, but when they invade your home or property, they're not so cute anymore. Wildlife in your home can cause all sorts of problems ranging from damage to your property to the transmission of diseases.

That's where we come in. At Accutech Pest Management, we provide fast and effective wildlife removal services to help you take care of the problem as quickly as possible. Whether you're dealing with a raccoon in your attic or a squirrel in your walls, we can help. We specialize in all sorts of wildlife control, and we have the tools and knowledge to handle any problem you may have.

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How Accutech Pest Management Handles Wildlife Problems In Pasadena, MD

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No one wants to see an animal suffer. That's why, when it comes to handling wildlife problems, the team at Accutech Pest Management always takes the least disruptive approach first. If there's a way to encourage the animals out of your property, we'll try that first.

Only if trapping and relocating are absolutely necessary do we resort to them. Here's a closer look at our process:

  • We encourage the animals out. The first step is always to encourage the animals out of your property, usually, by sealing up any entry points they may be using and making sure there's no food or water for them on your property so that they have no reason to stay.

  • We set traps. If exclusion doesn't work or isn't an option, the next step is to set traps. We only set live traps so we can safely relocate the animals without harming them. Our highly trained and experienced wildlife pest control technicians will place the traps in strategic locations around your property so that we can catch the animals as quickly as possible.

  • We relocate the animals. Once we've caught the animals in our traps, we relocate them to a safe area where they can continue to live their lives without causing any damage. We never release animals into an area where they would put other animals or humans at risk. We also make sure to follow all state and federal regulations when it comes to relocating wildlife. 

At Accutech Pest Management, we believe the humane approach is always the right approach when it comes to professional wildlife removal. We'll do everything we can to encourage them to leave on their own so no harm comes to the animal in the process. 

We can help with a variety of wildlife intruders, including bats, birds, groundhogs, raccoons, squirrels, and more. Contact us today if you need help with wildlife pest control in Pasadena.

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If you're dealing with a wildlife problem, Accutech Pest Management can help. We offer free estimates for all new customers, so you can get an idea of what it will cost to resolve your issue. We know that dealing with a wildlife issue can be stressful, and we're here to help you through it. Give us a call today, and we'll get started on finding a solution to your problem.

How To Keep Pasadena Wildlife Where They Belong - Away From Your Property

Uninvited wildlife visitors on your Pasadena property can cause a bunch of problems, from damaging your home to spreading dangerous diseases. It's important to take steps to keep wildlife where they belong - away from your property.

Here are a few tips from the team at Accutech Pest Management:

  • Close off entry points: The first step in keeping wildlife out of your yard is to make sure they can't get inside in the first place. Walk around the exterior of your home and look for any cracks or holes that animals could squeeze through. Pay special attention to areas where utility lines or pipes enter the house, as these are common entry points for wildlife. Once you've found all the potential entry points, seal them off with caulk or hardware cloth. 

  • Remove attractants: Another way to keep wildlife away from your property is to remove anything that might be attracting them in the first place. If you have a bird feeder, for example, raccoons and squirrels may be coming into your yard in hopes of stealing a meal. Consider taking down any bird feeders until the risk of unwanted visitors has passed. You should also make sure to keep trash cans tightly sealed and pick up any fallen fruit from trees or bushes.

  • Don't feed them: If you encounter an animal on your property, resist the urge to feed it. Once an animal realizes that it can find food at your house, it will keep coming back for more - and it may bring its friends along next time. In addition to attracting more wildlife, feeding animals can also cause them to become aggressive. If you're concerned about an animal on your property, call Accutech Pest Management for professional assistance. 

If wild animals are coming a little too close for comfort on your Pasadena property, give Accutech Pest Management a call. We specialize in wildlife and pest control services and can help you get rid of unwanted guests for good. Contact us today for a free estimate and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Pasadena.

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"Great service and very effective! Treated horrible bed bugs 2 years ago and have most recently gotten rid of the mice that attempted to invade my home! Would totally recommend to anyone with a pest problem. They will definitely take care of it! Very friendly and informative  techs too!"

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"I had a fantastic experience with Accutech!  As a real estate agent it is not always easy to find great vendor partners so when you do they must be recognized and praised!  Everyone on the team is a delight to work with especially the people in the office who do the billing and document shipping.  I would highly encourage my real estate peers to use Accutech for their residential termite needs."

Charlie T
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"I live in a row house and both my neighbors have rat problems. Thankfully they are not in the house. Accutech responded very quickly to my request to come out and check my house for entrance points and put out baits to give me piece of mind. They are great to work with and always go that extra mile."

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