Help! Bees Are Taking Over My Pasadena Property

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Pasadena, Maryland, residents enjoy spectacular views of the Chesapeake Bay and reap the benefits of lakes and beaches. This lovely residential community loves to share its open spaces and parks, which brim with all kinds of local wildlife. Right at home in this friendly community lives the local honey bee. While residents might savor this hard-working insect's bounty, pest control in Pasadena sometimes becomes necessary when their honey-producing hives get too close to home.

We Owe A Lot To The Little Honey Bee

Honey bees are one of the hardest-working insects on the planet; their work is crucial to our ecosystem. Most of their life revolves around feeding on sweet nectar and collecting pollen; they are vital to pollination, which is necessary for plant reproduction. Honey bees visit thousands of plants and flowers daily, accumulating pollen on their bodies and legs. As they move from plant to plant, the pollen on their bodies will transfer to other plants and fertilize them. The fertilization process is what allows plants to make fruits and seeds. Without honey bees' work, the foods people and animals depend on would decline. While it is true that honey bees provide a valuable service to our planet, most people don't want them hanging around their yards; that's why bee pest control services from Accutech Pest Management sometimes become necessary. 

Why You Don't Want Bees Hanging Around Your Yard

Bees are sociable insects and love to be with others. That means their colonies can grow quite large. Scouts hanging around your lawn could spell trouble since they're probably looking for a place to establish a new colony. Hollow trees, attics, chimneys, and wall cavities can provide bees with great homes. Once bees enter a property, they can quickly fill it with their larvae, wax, and honey, which can ruin attics, ceilings, and walls. Once a nest is established within a property, bees often return yearly, compounding your wax and honey problem.

Another reason you don't want bees hanging around your yard is that insects that sting can hurt people who frequent your property. While bees aren't typically aggressive, they will get feisty if you threaten their nest. Great care is necessary for safe removal, and because honey bees are vital to the ecosystem, relocation is often required. When identifying bees and considering bee control services, it's always best to use a pest professional like Accutech Pest Management.

Is There A Way To Deter Bees?

While it is impossible to keep every bee out of your yard, there are some proactive steps property owners can take to deter their visits. Some simple fixes around your property can encourage bees to look elsewhere for a new home.

Six tips for deterring bees include:

  1. Removing previous nests.
  2. Filling cracks (as small as 1/8 inch) in walls, foundations, and the roof
  3. Filling holes in hollowed-out trees.
  4. Using screens to cover chimneys and vents.
  5. Eliminating yard debris that bees can use for shelter.
  6. Reducing excessive plant vegetation or flowers.

Bees are everywhere; there's no way to stop occasional visits to your property. Still, if your prevention measures don't stop them from getting comfy around your property, you'll most likely need quality pest control services from a professional like Accutech Pest Management. We offer bee pest control near you that will help deter bees from frequenting your yard.

Contact Us For Help To Safely Remove A Bee Hive

Bees that frequent buildings and yards could spell trouble. At Accutech Pest Management, our local, family-owned and operated company has been helping folks with bee pest control for over 23 years. Our experienced technicians can accurately identify bee species, remove hives from buildings, and recommend specialists when honey bees need relocating. Get started with expert bee prevention and removal today by calling the experts at Accutech Pest Management for a free estimate.

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