The Best Way To Keep Wasps Away From Your Pasadena Property

Wasps in a nest

Living in Pasadena, Maryland, gives residents a sweet mixture of rural and suburban life. It's the perfect community to escape the big city while still being close to amenities. With phenomenal parks and sparkling waters, it's a fabulous place to spend time outdoors, except when local wasps arrive. Without pest control in Pasadena, conditions around your property may invite these unwelcome insects to your yard for an unpleasant visit.

How To Identify A Wasp

Multiple wasps live in Pasadena yards, making wasp identification difficult. To make things even more challenging, Pasadena also has its fair share of bees. You can generally tell bees apart from wasps by their body shape. Bees are chubby and hairy, whereas wasps are smooth with cylindrical bodies. Once you separate the bees from the wasps, a further breakdown of wasp differences can help identify what species are frequenting your yard.

Five different kinds of wasps in Pasadena include:

  1. Bald-faced hornets are around 1/2 to 5/8 inches long. They have black-and-white markings and white faces. They are social insects that build aerial paper nests.
  2. Eastern cicada killers measure 1½ inches long or larger and have black bodies with yellow marks and transparent reddish-orange wings; they are solitary insects that tunnel into the soil.
  3. Paper wasps grow around 5/8 to 3/4 inches long and have yellow, brown, or red markings. They are social and build umbrella-looking nests.
  4. Mud daubers are generally black and grow from ½ to 1 inch long (or more). They are solitary and typically build mud tubes.
  5. Yellow jackets measure between 3/8 to 5/8 inches long and are yellow and black. These wasps are social and can build paper-like aerial or underground nests.

With so many wasp species in Pasadena, property owners can sometimes have difficulty identifying them. Accutech Pest Management can quickly identify wasp infestations and recommend solutions for removal and prevention.

The Many Problems A Wasp Infestation Can Create In Your Yard

Whether the wasps visiting your yard are solitary or sociable, their presence can spell trouble. Aerial nests can get attached to trees, utility poles, shrubs, buildings, and inside attics, walls, or other sheltered areas of your structure. While solitary wasps rarely sting, those that build their homes in the ground can get stirred into a frenzy when nests are run over by lawnmowers or disturbed by foot traffic; their tunneling in the soil can also make yards look messy. If nests are left alone, wasps are content to leave people alone; however, nests that get disturbed can lead to painful and repeated stings. People allergic to wasp venom can experience severe life-threatening allergic reactions, so wasp control from a professional pest control company like Accutech Pest Management is vital.

Four Naturally Effective Wasp Prevention Tips

Whether property owners like it or not, wasps contribute to pollination, making them essential to our ecosystem. If nests are in areas that don't threaten people or animals, it is best to leave them. Still, establishing some natural prevention measures around your property can encourage wasps to build their nests elsewhere.

Four natural tips for wasp prevention include:

  1. Repair screens and seal cracks around windows and doors.
  2. Ensure outside trash bins have tight-fitting lids.
  3. Ensure foods and sugary drinks aren't left outside. Wasps are attracted to both proteins and sweets. 
  4. Avoid wearing scented products when outdoors.

While property owners can take proactive steps to discourage wasps, sometimes professional help is necessary. Accutech Pest Management is a local pest control company that can help you with all types of wasps in Pasadena.

Contact The Pros For Complete Wasp Control For Your Yard

Wasps that stay well away from your yard are great for the environment, but when they get too close for comfort, it's time to call Accutech Pest Management. Our local, family-owned pest control company has assisted customers with wasp control since 2000. We focus on making you our top priority by developing customized plans that meet your specific needs. Let Accutech Pest Management get you started on a wasp or pest control plan that can help prevent unwanted visitors around your yard; call us today.

Our certified pest experts will work with you to find the best solution for your needs. Simply fill out this form for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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