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Friendly Pest Control In Arnold, MD

Located close to Annapolis and Baltimore, Arnold offers residents a more suburban environment out of the way of bustling urban life. This highly rated community is a place to raise a family and is popular with young professionals looking for a safe, diverse neighborhood to settle down in. However, pests also love to settle in the Arnold community, and they can easily ruin the area's peace if you don't obtain Arnold pest control.

Accutech Pest Management works to provide your Arnold home or business with the pest control solutions you deserve. We work with you to develop treatment plans that meet your property’s needs and ensure pests are kept at bay, no matter what.

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Residential Pest Control In Arnold

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There’s nothing worse than insects, rodents, or wildlife infesting your Arnold residence and putting you and your loved ones at risk of health issues. Pest infestations often present serious safety issues and, left untreated, can lead to costly property damage, homes filled with unhygienic droppings, and dangerous firsthand encounters.

To avoid all of the illnesses and damages pests bring, reach out to Accutech Pest Control for expert residential pest control services. Our team will work with you to identify your primary pest control needs and customized treatment strategies for your home, something that allows us to ensure our pest control solutions are as long-lasting as possible. 

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Commercial Pest Control In Arnold

Insects and rodents invading your Arnold business are more than just a nuisance; they are dangerous and bring serious health and safety risks to your commercial property. Proper commercial pest control is necessary for your Arnold business if you want it to stay successful and maintain a positive reputation in the community. That’s where Accutech Pest Management enters.

With the help of our expert team at Accutech Pest Management, your Arnold commercial property will benefit from expert pest control and friendly, knowledgeable customer service. Each of our commercial pest control plans includes an inspection of your property, treatment tactics that include elimination and exclusion, and repairs for pest damage as needed. We also treat a variety of Arnold businesses, such as assisted living and healthcare facilities, restaurants, retail spaces, and office buildings, in addition to working with landlords and property management facilities.

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How To Tell If Your Home In Arnold Has A Bed Bug Problem

Bed bugs crawling throughout your Arnold property cause serious issues when it comes to losing sleep, experiencing itchy bites, and filling you or your loved ones with anxiety and stress. However, bed bug infestations may start unnoticed initially, and this pest is often confused for other pesky home invaders such as fleas, ticks, and beetles. 

Here we give you bed bug signs to look out for that indicate this troublesome insect is moving into your Arnold home:

  • Reddish or rust-colored stains on mattresses, sheets, pillows, walls, or furniture indicate that bed bugs have invaded your property; bed bugs’ blood-feeding habits typically cause these stains.
  • Unpleasant, musty odors occur when many bed bugs gather around your property. If you start to smell foul odors in your home, it could be an infestation of bed bugs.
  • Bed bugs can’t hide out around your home forever. Sightings of live or dead bed bugs will occur around beds, the cracks in walls, near furniture, and on clothing or items of fabric once an infestation starts becoming widespread in your home.
  • Bed bug bites that appear on exposed limbs overnight indicate this pest has moved in. These bites are typically small, red, and a little bit swollen and will occur in zig-zag clusters. Itching bed bug bites excessively may put you at risk of secondary infection.
  • White-colored or translucent bed bug nymphs or small, white bed bug eggs may be around beds, sheets, clothing, fabric, and furniture as a bed bug infestation grows out of control in your home.

The best thing you can do to treat bed bugs around your Arnold property is to contact Accutech Pest Management. Our team will work with you to carefully remove all traces of this pest and return your home to safety.

All The Problems Rodents Can Cause In Your Arnold Home

Rodents invading your Arnold home bring serious health risks and safety hazards. The longer a rodent infestation goes untreated, the more damage you can expect to your home and the higher the chances of you or your loved ones picking up a serious illness transmitted from these pests. 

One of the biggest problems with rodent infestations is the unhygienic nature of these pests. Diseases such as salmonella, hantavirus, tularemia, and plague are quickly brought into homes as rats and mice run wild, also bringing parasitic pests like fleas, ticks, and mites. Worse, rodent droppings tend to dry up and become airborne, spreading illnesses around your home.

It's also important to note just how destructive rodents are. These pests are constantly chewing and gnawing, and their sharp teeth can chew through almost any material, including brick, wood, cinder block, and most stored items. Taking steps to rodent-proof the things in your home and sealing potential rodent entry points with chew-proof materials goes a long way to preventing destruction around the interior and exterior of your property.

Rodent pest control is the best way to combat infestations of this pest and ensure that infestation problems don’t fill your home. With the help of Accutech Pest Management, any rodent infestation you discover on your property can be taken care of quickly. We use customized treatment plans, friendly customer service, and expert techniques to protect your home from rodents year-round.

Why Termites In Your Arnold Home Can Be Difficult To Detect

Termites are very stealthy pests that may be present in your Arnold home without your knowledge. These pests eat wood 24/7, but in some cases, their activity can actually go undetected for years. Termites often enter homes through foundations or wood-to-foundation contact, making them even more difficult to identify. They often create colonies inside walls, crawl spaces, and other areas that you likely never visit or simply can’t access. Determining the presence of termites in your home can be difficult because a lot of their activity simply looks like the process of an aging home. Things like peeling wallpaper or warping floors can easily be mistaken for a home that is simply getting older. 

If you suspect that your home might have termites but you’re not sure, consider professional services from Accutech Pest Management. We are the area’s termite leaders and with good reason. Our first method of protecting your home is by performing a comprehensive inspection to look for signs of termite activity and damage. If we find signs of termite activity, we’ll likely move forward to applying Sentricon®, which creates an eco-friendly barrier around your home. And in order to ensure that termites don’t return, we may recommend regular monitoring of your home. For more information on termite control, call us today. 

Why Wildlife Problems In Arnold Call For Professional Removal

Many homeowners in Arnold face wildlife populations on their property; however, these types of invaders are best left to the professionals. Here are a few reasons why:

  • They are unpredictable. Wildlife animals such as squirrels, raccoons, and skunks are able to wander a property without restriction. They each have their own unique abilities to climb and hide in harborage sites, which can allow them to go undetected by residents. This also makes their actions much harder to predict. 
  • Health issues are a distinct possibility. It’s important to keep wildlife away because they may be the source of various health issues and the spread of parasites. Some wildlife is linked with rabies as well as histoplasmosis, which can occur from bird feces. 
  • Property damage can be significant too. The property damage that wildlife can cause is significant. Birds can create their nests around gutters and electrical poles, while squirrels may nibble away at siding and insulation.

At Accutech Pest Management, we are the area’s trusted experts to deal with wildlife. Our company has over 20 years of experience and develops unique action plans to meet the needs of each of our customers. We address wildlife in a unique way that is informed by Integrated Pest Management methods.

Our first step is to inspect a property in order to determine the types of wildlife that are present and understand what’s been attracting them. Next, we encourage them out by reducing access to food and water sources. We’ll move on to setting ethical traps if these exclusion methods don’t prove fruitful. From there, we safely relocate animals. For more information on wildlife control, call us today. 

Why Arnold Pet Owners Need To Protect Them From Fleas

Fleas are one of the biggest threats to the well-being of local pets in Arnold. These parasites typically spread by way of parasitic hitchhiking, so they can be sneaky and hard to detect. Though they are small, fleas are capable of latching onto pets within five minutes of finding them and can feed for over two hours until they consume 15 times their body weight in blood. Pets serve as ideal hosts for fleas not only because they are a warm blood source but because they can usually continue to feed without getting detected due to a fluffy coat.

One of the most significant health risks that prolonged exposure to flea feedings poses is the development of anemia. These extensive feedings can also leave pets with itchy bites that then lead to lots of scratching and possibly skin infections too. Fleas are also linked with murine typhus, cat-scratch disease, and a host of other health issues. For Arnold locals, it’s safer to prevent the presence of fleas because getting rid of them once present can be a tall task. They tend to lay their eggs in pet beds, carpeting, and upholstered items, which makes locating them a challenge.

The most effective way to address fleas is with professional help from Accutech Pest Management. We combine highly effective interior and exterior treatments on a back-to-back schedule in order to eliminate all existing fleas while working to prevent new outbreaks. We also provide customers with education on preventing fleas between our visits. To learn more about our flea control offerings, please call us today. 

What You Can Do About Stinging Insects Around Your Arnold Property

Living in Arnold can put you in direct contact with stinging insects that are potentially dangerous to your well-being. They can make spending time outdoors a hassle due to their territorial and aggressive nature. If pests like wasps detect a threat, then they may attack someone. Their ability to sting multiple times can also amplify the negative impacts of a sting. In order to limit your exposure to these pests, try the following tips:

  • Be mindful of garbage. These types of pests are lured by sweet and meaty food items, which your garbage is probably filled with. Always take out your garbage on pick-up day, use a proper lid at all times, and wash it out on a routine basis. 
  • Reduce nesting sites. Some stinging insects build their nests in trees and other greenery, so it may be helpful to scale back these harborage areas in order to curb the number of places where they might hide. 
  • Opt for certain landscaping features. Wasps are attracted to sweet plants, so instead, consider wormwood, thyme, basil, marigolds, and eucalyptus plants. 
  • Decorate your yard. You can also play into the territorial nature of wasps by using brown paper bags or paper lanterns around your yard to mimic other wasp nests, which might keep them away.
  • Work with a professional. One of the most effective ways to prevent future wasp problems is by removing nests old and new and getting proper yard coverage, both of which are things that a professional can deliver best. 

For more information on stinging insect control, call Accutech Pest Management today. 

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We have used Accutech for a few years now and they do not disappoint. Keeping the ants and spiders away as scheduling is very easy and they are quick to respond. Very professional, always on time, they get the job done right the first time and they offer fair pricing. Highly recommend!


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