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Pest Control In Kent County, MD

It is almost impossible to drive a mile in Kent County without seeing open fields or farmland. Farming is what a lot of us live for. It is a big part of what keeps America running. What does not keep America running is pests. There are many pests that call Kent County home. We have cockroaches, flies, rodents, and wasps to name a few. Regardless of the season, many of these invasive species will want to get into your home or business. It is up to you to find a way to stop them. This is why we are here! Accutech Pest Management is a local pest control provider that works hard to provide unmatched protection for members of our community. If you need immediate help dealing with pest activity on your property, give us a call now. For more information about residential and commercial pest control in Kent County, keep reading. We have a lot to share that might help you make an informed decision for your home or business property. 

Residential Pest Control In Kent County

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Dealing with pests when you are walking down the street is frustrating. Swatting away flies in your yard is even more frustrating. Nothing, however, matches the stress that comes with constantly finding pests in your home. There are many local species that want nothing more than to steal food, moisture, and shelter from you and your family. Pests have no understanding of ownership or boundaries, they only act on animalistic instinct. To keep invasive pests out of your Kent County home, you have to put in place some form of defensive measures. This might include simple DIY exclusion tips, general cleaning, or a professional pest control plan. We highly recommend the latter. Investing in residential pest control frees you up to enjoy life without having to constantly fight back against pest problems. Start today by calling our team and scheduling a general pest inspection for your home and property. This is the best way to assess your risk and it will allow us to recommend a course of action to remove and keep pests away long-term. 

Commercial Pest Control In Kent County

When customers walk into businesses and see flies buzzing around, many turn around and walk back out. This is just one way that pest activity can damage your business and reputation. We will be honest, the question isn’t, should you keep pests out? It is, how do you keep pests out? Do you take on this responsibility yourself? Some do. This can be, however, stressful and challenging to do right. If you want guaranteed success removing pests and keeping these invasive species out year-round, you need to partner with a professional. At Accutech Pest Management, we value you as a business owner and want to help you be successful. Our commercial pest control offerings are designed for this. Let us start a dialog with you and your team and find a treatment plan that best serves you and your business property. Through every step of the process, we will keep you informed so that you understand what we are doing and the purpose it serves. Does this sound good to you? If so, call us today and get started. 

Why It's Impossible To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs On Your Own In Kent County

We will not try to convince you that all DIY pest control is futile. There are many local species that can be controlled with the right knowledge and the correct products. Bed bugs are not one of these species. The methods required to combat these pests are expensive and not worth the cost to only service one home or business. Bed bugs require special treatment because of how good they are at avoiding danger. These pests do not live around sleeping areas. They hide inside wall voids, cracks, and other secluded areas during the day. If even a couple of these pests escape conventional treatments, they can survive in hiding for months without a blood meal, and then come back out to plague you. If you even suspect your home or business has a bed bug infestation, contact our team. We will send a technician your way to inspect interior spaces and walk you through our treatment process. By the end, you will have freedom from these night-biting pests, and have our team on call if any problems resurface. 

The Benefits Of A Mosquito Control Program For Your Kent County Yard

There are many reasons to avoid mosquitoes and their bites. These pests, although usually just annoying, are capable of spreading disease. They also love breeding inside pools of stagnant water across local properties. To deal with these pests, you have to make a decision. Do you want to cull populations with DIY or find almost total freedom with a professional year-round pest control program? If you have time on your hands and cannot afford professional services, here are some methods that will help you address mosquito breeding grounds.

  • Remove items from your property that might collect rainwater or pour water out after every rainfall.
  • Change the water in bird baths and ornate pools once every four days to eliminate mosquito eggs.
  • Have your gutters cleaned at least once a year and make sure they are in good working condition.
  • Stock ponds and other fresh bodies of water with mosquito fish that eat mosquito eggs.

Keeping up with these DIY tips and tricks takes time and effort. If you want a simple and effective method to protect your property, you need mosquito control courtesy of Acccutech Pest Management. We know how to target mosquito breeding grounds and landing sites with long-lasting treatments. With a few scheduled re-treatments throughout the year, you will have the absolute best protection from these potentially dangerous biting pests. Call Accutech Pest Management today to learn more about our mosquito control programs and schedule an appointment for your Kent County property. While we are there, ask about our other yard pest control offerings and learn how we can help protect you from other dangerous pests like ticks and wildlife. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

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"Great service and very effective! Treated horrible bed bugs 2 years ago and have most recently gotten rid of the mice that attempted to invade my home! Would totally recommend to anyone with a pest problem. They will definitely take care of it! Very friendly and informative  techs too!"

Theresa T
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"I had a fantastic experience with Accutech!  As a real estate agent it is not always easy to find great vendor partners so when you do they must be recognized and praised!  Everyone on the team is a delight to work with especially the people in the office who do the billing and document shipping.  I would highly encourage my real estate peers to use Accutech for their residential termite needs."

Charlie T
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"I live in a row house and both my neighbors have rat problems. Thankfully they are not in the house. Accutech responded very quickly to my request to come out and check my house for entrance points and put out baits to give me piece of mind. They are great to work with and always go that extra mile."

Wendy K

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