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Professional Pest Control In Severn, MD

Severn is a highly desirable suburban outside Baltimore, full of families, young professionals, and plenty of amenities. The area is diverse, full of highly rated schools, and provides a welcoming community packed with restaurants, coffee shops, parks, and cultural activities that residents love to take advantage of. However, pests often take advantage of the shelter that Severn homes and businesses provide, ruining the peaceful atmosphere in the area.

Severn pest control, provided by Accutech Pest Management, is the best solution for keeping pests out of your home or business. Our team of expert technicians takes time to tailor pest control treatments to your property’s needs, ensuring that pest control solutions are lasting and reliable. We stop at nothing to pest-proof your property, and our friendly customer service helps to make your pest-control experience as stress-free as possible.

If you want to learn how we can help or get started safeguarding your Severn property against pests, please contact us at Accutech Pest Management today.

Residential Pest Control In Severn

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Pests invading your Severn home bring health risks, chances of property damage, and a stressful environment. You can protect your home from experiencing all of these negatives by investing in Accutech Pest Management at the first sign of pests invading your property. We will always be safeguarded your home from pests and your loved ones safe from the troubles of unhygienic invaders.

We always customize our home pest control plans in Severn to your home’s pest control needs. We never take a one-size-fits-all approach, which makes our pest control treatments so effective. No matter your pest problem, we will develop a solution that ensures your home is the pest-free paradise you deserve.

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Commercial Pest Control In Severn

When it comes to keeping pests away from your Severn business, you don’t want to undertake this task alone. Not only is DIY pest control stressful, but it is often less than effective and can directly expose you to the many health hazards that pests present. Instead, invest in help from Accutech Pest Management and benefit from expert pest control solutions that fully protect your commercial property from pest invaders.

Our comprehensive commercial pest control plans include an inspection of your property, exclusion and elimination pest control services, and repairs as needed based on the type of pest infestation you are dealing with. We also offer a customer satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest assured that our pest control services will be everything your Severn business needs to stay safe from pests.

You can start with commercial pest control now and call us today.

Three Things Everyone In Severn Ought To Know About Stinging Insects

Stinging insects are one of the most dangerous pests to have buzzing around your Severn property due to the aggressive nature of this pest and the likelihood of their stings being painful or triggering allergic reactions. It’s easy to stumble across stinging insect nests hidden just out of sight on your property and attract the ire of these invaders.

All Severn residents should know these facts about stinging insect prevention if they want to keep their properties free from these troublesome pests:

  1. Stinging insects are attracted to sweet-smelling or protein-rich food, among other things. Always clean food and drink spills and cover outdoor waste disposal areas so stinging insects don’t scavenge around your property.
  2. Stinging insects can make their nests in holes in the ground, high in trees, along the siding, and under porches, patios, or the eaves of your building. It’s important to let professionals handle nest removal, as this can be dangerous without proper equipment.
  3. Stinging insects may swarm and sting if disturbed. Symptoms of a stinging insect sting include excessive pain, swelling, difficulty breathing, or trouble swallowing. Seek medical attention immediately if you experience any of these symptoms.

DIY stinging insect control is not something that Severn residents should attempt, as there is a risk of severe stings and the potential for future infestations associated with this. Instead, you can contact Accutech Pest Management for the expert stinging insect control your property needs. With help from our team, you and those you care about can easily stay safe from these troublesome stinging pests.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Fleas In My Severn Home?

Many Severn residents might think that spotting a flea or two in their home from time to time is nothing to worry about, but flea infestations can be quite dangerous. Not only are fleas prolific and challenging to eliminate, but they can also potentially transmit serious illnesses to humans and animals.

Some health problems that flea bites cause include the transmission of diseases like plague, murine typhus, cat-scratch fever, tapeworms, heartworm transmission to animals, and potentially fatal anemia or other health problems in family pets.

One of the best ways to prevent serious flea problems around your Severn home is to apply a veterinarian-approved flea prevention medication to any pets on your property. These medicines help to combat flea infestations at the source, as pets are a significant cause of flea problems on your property. 

Other simple ways to stop flea infestations around your Severn property are keeping wildlife out (which will help by preventing these critters from dropping fleas off) and cutting back long grasses and overgrown areas. Also, vacuum interior spaces regularly to remove any overlooked fleas or flea eggs.

If you find that a flea infestation is taking over your property and proving hard to eliminate, or you are struggling with flea prevention and control, contact Accutech Pest Management today. Our professional team will provide you property with tailored treatments that will eradicate this dangerous pest invader.

How Severn Residents Can Reduce Their Risk For Wildlife Problems

Wildlife can be a definite issue in Maryland, and many Severn residents end up with bats, birds, groundhogs, raccoons, squirrels, and more every year. It can take several steps to reduce your risk of wildlife problems, but here are some tips you can immediately try.

Securing your trash needs to be at the top of your strategy. Raccoons and more are attracted to food and garbage, but tight-fitting lids can deter them. You might also want to keep trash cans in your garage or shed.

Don't forget about the animals you feed, like birds, whose spilled seeds and shells can contribute to the problem. And, of course, please don't feed wildlife, as it can cause dependence on humans for food, lead to more aggressive behavior, and be illegal. In addition, leaving pet food outside can attract wildlife and is best stored indoors. 

And finally, seal up your home so all entry points, such as vents and holes in the walls, are closed up or screened off to prevent wildlife from getting into your house. Keeping a clean and debris-free yard is also essential.

If wildlife is a problem on your Severn property, taking these steps can help reduce the risk of unwanted invaders taking over. However, if you have spotted them around your home, contacting a licensed wildlife control professional to handle the situation is essential for safety and legal reasons.

At Accutech Pest Management, we prioritize discouraging wildlife from settling on your property, using trapping and relocation if necessary. Our methods are safe, effective, and comply with state regulations. Call us today to learn more.

Why Termites In Your Severn Home Could Be A Big Deal

There are many reasons why termites in your Severn home could be a big deal. First, termites feed on wood continuously and silently and can cause significant structural damage to your house if left unchecked. Termites can even weaken the structure of your home and compromise its safety over time.

Also, repairing termite damage can be costly, especially if the infestation has been ongoing. In severe cases, the damage may be so extensive that it requires significant renovations or rebuilding. In turn, these issues can significantly decrease the value of your home. If you plan on selling your house eventually, a termite infestation could pose a big problem.

And finally, while termites do not directly threaten our health, they can attract other pests, such as ants and rodents, which can carry diseases.

Termites are notoriously tricky to detect for homeowners as they often work in hidden areas like within walls or inside crawl spaces. The damage may already be extensive when you notice visible signs of an infestation. For this reason, we always recommend scheduling regular inspections to look for mud tubes, damaged wood, and more.

Termite infestations in Severn can be disheartening and stressful. Still, with help from the experts at Accutech Pest Management, you can help prevent significant damage and costly repairs and keep your home safe. Call us today to schedule your initial home visit.

What To Do If Bed Bugs Are Biting In Your Severn Home

Are bed bugs biting in your Severn home? If so, there are several steps you can take to address the infestation:

  • Identify the source: Bed bugs can enter homes in many ways, often through infested furniture or luggage. Once you identify the reason for the infestation, you can remove it from your home.
  • Vacuum regularly: Vacuuming can help eliminate bed bugs and their eggs. You likely already know to vacuum mattresses but remember carpets and upholstery.
  • Wash and dry bedding: Bed bugs usually can't survive hot water and high heat. Washing and drying at high temperatures will help kill these biting pests.
  • Use bed bug covers: Encase your mattresses and box springs so bed bugs are less likely to invade them.
  • Contact a pest control professional: Bed bug infestations can be challenging to control on your own. When you seek the services of a licensed pest control professional, you have a better chance of eliminating it swiftly. Accutech Pest Management experts use various methods to address the infestation, including a follow-up visit.

Bed bug problems can take time to eliminate. But with help from the pros, you can prevent them from spreading to other areas of your house with safe and effective bed bug control methods. Let's start today and make your infestation a thing of the past.

What Severn Homeowners Should Know About Rodents

Rodents and other scavengers are not welcome by Severn homeowners. Still, rats, mice, and other invaders are common in any town or city because of the abundance of food and shelter. If you are struggling with an infestation, there are several things you need to know about rodents:

  • They can cause a lot of damage: Mice and rats have teeth that never stop growing, and they will keep them trimmed by chewing through wiring, insulation, and more, leading to costly repairs and posing a safety hazard.
  • They can spread diseases: No one wants hantavirus or salmonellosis, but it is possible to contract them through rodent droppings and urine.
  • They can attract other pests: Rodents can attract fleas and ticks, which can also carry diseases. Ticks are known for transmitting Lyme disease, which can be fatal or at least cause neurological problems. 
  • They reproduce quickly: Rodents multiply astonishingly fast, meaning a small infestation can quickly become a much more significant problem if left unchecked. And since they are usually shy, seeing them during the day can mean that your infestation is more extensive than you think. 
  • They can enter homes through small openings: Rodents can enter your property through cracks or holes in your walls and foundation. Sealing them is an essential part of a successful rodent control strategy.

Keep your home clean and clutter-free to prevent rodents from becoming a problem; sealing openings and keeping food out of their reach is also essential. But these strategies, while helpful, are only successful sometimes.

If you need help from professionals to eliminate an infestation, we can help with regular inspections, preventative measures, and treatments that protect your home and family from potential health and safety risks. Call us today for a quote and tell us more about your situation. 

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We have used Accutech for a few years now and they do not disappoint. Keeping the ants and spiders away as scheduling is very easy and they are quick to respond. Very professional, always on time, they get the job done right the first time and they offer fair pricing. Highly recommend!


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